Nancy Herrick

personal counselor, spiritual healer, author,
Science of Mind minister & teacher



Healing takes place naturally when we shift the energy of our consciousness into alignment with Life’s basic principles. When our thinking is harmonious with Life, our bodies and affairs take their natural, healthy form. When our thinking is not in harmony with Life, our forms of expression (our bodies, actions and relationships) reflect disharmony.

When we change our thinking from disharmony to harmony, our world of effects will readjust to the expression of our new thought. This is the law of cause and effect.

It is my desire to support as many people as I can in healing individual lives. Each person who heals something in his/her life spreads health and models healing for others. Each will influence others, and at some point of critical mass, human consciousness will shift into a new way of Being for us and our planet. The only way to reach for this change is by starting one-by-one. I feel privileged to be one of the ones.

My commitment is to provide support in changing lives through counseling, writing and personally living my life fully and respectfully.

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Nancy experienced a permanent healing from crippling arthritis through a specific decision to forgive a person in her life years ago. This led to a study of the wonderful spiritual philosophy called The Science of Mind.

A hunger for all information available on mental healing science further led her to ministerial school and ordination as a spiritual leader for Centers for Spiritual Living. She has served centers as senior minister in the Twin Cities and in Santa Fe, NM.

Nancy is currently writing two books regarding the power for changing our lives that is available to us by changing our thought. She points out that everything in life is energy expressing, including our thoughts. Especially our thoughts, in regard to healing—for when we change our attitude, we change our feelings about the subject of our thought, thereby changing the energy we hold and our lives.