Nancy Herrick

personal counselor, spiritual healer, author,
Science of Mind minister & teacher

Counseling by Appointment

My mission is to teach healing through changed thought.
Behind every disharmony is a misperception of Truth.
When one realigns thinking, one’s body and relationships shift toward health.

Spiritual Counseling is based on an understanding that we are:

  • Spiritual Beings expressing in a universe of form
  • All One, connected with One Perfection
  • Each a complete, individuated part of the Whole
  • Created by a Source that is Good (no devil)
  • Directing our lives through our thinking
  • Powerful beyond our comprehension

The client is guided in accessing hidden beliefs and the inner wisdom that resides in the subconscious regarding the situation they wish to heal. Uncovering inharmonious and negating beliefs buried at the subconscious level empowers us to evaluate our total thinking and gives us the opportunity to change and redesign our attitudes in ways that can bring us into better alignment with the outcome we desire.

Subconscious beliefs are strong, powerful energies that direct and control our lives—some psychologists say as much as 95% of the time. Our deep positive beliefs influence our lives positively, our negative beliefs negatively. These energies both create our attitudes and send magnetic signals out to people and things in the world, saying “Come close” or repulsing messages of “Stay away!”

Any beliefs held that are not aligned with Life’s natural tendency to expand and to flow will dam up Life’s process of creating and drawing to us our good. The beliefs that hamper our lives are mistaken perspectives and conclusions about Life developed in childhood. These beliefs are formed from misperceptions due to personal experiences or by distorted teachings of parents or other authority figures. They are what is meant by the Bible’s admonition that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children. Sin simply means mistaken thinking and the actions one takes because of that thinking.

If subconscious beliefs that conflict with Life’s natural tendency to expand our good aren’t addressed, we will not be able to draw to us the things and experiences we desire; we will be drawing instead forms that reflect those negative beliefs. Even when we are able to create positive changes in our lives through sheer personal will, they won’t last. They can’t, because these subconscious beliefs erode and turn away anything that isn’t in harmony with what they say is true. They counter and nullify attempts to change one’s attitude and behavior, and they send out energy messages of refusal to the good we desire.

In counseling sessions, I use simple breathing techniques that help the client to bring to conscious awareness memories and attitudes stored in their mind regarding the issue they desire to change. What comes up is straight from the client’s own mind rather than being introduced by someone else. It is a safe, powerful, very effective survey and active listening process to discover and remove psychological blockage to the good Life we all desire and are meant to have.

I encourage you to try it! The removal of subconscious blockages opens us and empowers us to be wide-open attractors for the things and relationships we wish to have in our Lives.

I do not practice long-term analysis. The root cause of the situation the client desires to heal can usually be discovered, and a plan made to shift it, in 1-3 sessions. I find crisis counseling particularly satisfying, due to the strong motivation to change that is often present at critical times.

Nancy is available for individual or couples’ counseling. Call to set up an appointment.
(Minneapolis western suburbs): 612-388-9570



Let us choose healing and join Barbara Marx Hubbard in becoming an evolved co-creator by choice, not by chance!”