Nancy Herrick

personal counselor, spiritual healer, author,
Science of Mind minister & teacher

Meditation or Mindfulness

Call it what you will, using a technique to slow down the chatter in our minds is becoming mainstream in our culture.

We are doing it for good reason! Here are some of the benefits:

I love sitting with others in meditation. I also love coaching people in empowering themselves with meditation. I will gladly facilitate a class of six or more if invited. (Two-session classes, spaced a week apart, are ideal.)

Note: There is a difference between meditation and “guided meditations.”

The purpose of meditation is to quiet the mind in order to “listen within.” One does this usually by focusing the mind on a simple word, sound or object to slow it down so it is receptive to the inner voice. This is sometimes done by beginning with a few phrases that guide one into a quiet space that then facilitates the silent listening.

Guided meditations” are actually guided affirmations, for their purpose is that of helping one’s mind to apprehend or shift to a new way of thinking by listening to something outside themselves.

Both are good; they are just not interchangeable.